Hope you had a good weekend and you enjoyed yesterday’s blog. For those who ran the Marathon, i feel your pain.. It’s called ‘the day after the run syndrome’ . Anyway, hope you start the week on a high… Onwards and Upwards.. Right, Today’s blog is about ‘Creating your filtering mechanism’. Enjoy!

Imagine you had a very dirty white shirt, I mean one with stains and mud, and really dirty. If this was your most treasured shirt, you would keep on washing it until you get rid of the stains, right? If the shirt had a lot of memories and was a present from a dearest loved one, you will not stop until you get it back to its clean state. Well, that’s exactly how your mind works. You have no control on when you were born or when you are going to die. However, your mind is the only thing the creator gave you control over, and this is very important because if the only thing you have control over is your mind, don’t you think you should keep it clean? That you should look after it and censor what goes on in it? I have a friend called Steven who is very materialistic, which is a complete opposite to who I am, but we all accept his need for material symbols of success that is based on an inferiority complex rather than a love of ‘bling’. He recently bought himself a super large Bentley, and he drives it around Central London where the traffic is completely mental. He actually doesn’t like Bentleys; he just likes the reaction he gets from people in his new Bentley. Hence the inferiority complex, if not treated, will take over his mind. Steven is so busy censoring who gets into his car, because he treasures the piece of metal so much, that he has forgotten to censor who gets in his mind. As a result he attracts the wrong kind of people and situations.

I joined the social networking site, Facebook in 2008. My American staff, Laura Ward, Michelle, and Ashley Barnas, practically pressured me into joining in 2008. They gave me a lecture on the idea of connecting to new people and keeping in touch with older friends at the same time. I was tempted to ask about whatever happened to people visiting each other face to face or the art of picking up the phone and calling your favourite person. Anyway, an adamant Laura helped me set up and I was finally on Facebook. In the space of two days I received over 300 friend requests. I mean, I have met a lot of people in my journeys but 300 friends in two days with names I wasn’t familiar with was a bit too unreal for me. I added my new found friends, and bingo, I started receiving their newsfeeds, status updates, and more not because I wanted to, but just because every time I logged in it was there. I started finding myself drawn into other people’s status updates. Some were pretty depressing, others were controversial, and then there were the scary updates. Then it dawned on me; during the few seconds I spent on Facebook, I was taking in the mindsets and moods of other people. I didn’t really want to know whether Simon and Michelle from Lancashire, who I have never met, are now split up or whether Damien felt like crap because he got up this morning and missed his breakfast.
Do you realise that taking in OPP is the quickest path to CYP? That’s correct, OPP, Other People’s Problems. leads to CYP, Creating Your own Problems. You now already know that what you take in subconsciously plays a big part in your external outcomes.

In previous blogs, I have explained to you how your brain is your receiving station and acts like a magnet attracting to it what your mind and soul subconsciously invite into it. So, if you are thinking you might fail your exam, you are inviting the feeling of failure. If you are thinking you are going to fail to impress at a job interview, then – guess what – that is exactly what is going to happen. The easiest way to look at your brain is thinking of it as a Television station with loads of channels at your fingertips. When you pick up your remote control, you channel hop until you find the channel you are most comfortable with. It might be a music channel, a comedy, a movie, et cetera. Nowadays there is so much filth on Television that sometimes finding something decent to watch is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but surprisingly you always do find something decent amongst the filth in a matter of seconds. In life, your remote control represents your filtering mechanism. It is giving you the chance to choose and settle for the best from the rest.

So, what is the remote control used for filtering your mind?
Everyone has a different coping mechanism. I’ll share with you one that I use, which I would like for you to adopt and share with others. It’s as simple as ABC; I use acronyms. Below are a list of acronyms that have helped me and continue to help me every second of my life.

1. F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real
I was recently doing a seminar at St. Mathews Academy in London, one of the schools that is so close to my heart. I asked the students what they thought people feared the most. People mentioned death, failure, the unknown, and more. Although some of those are on the list of what people fear, none of those come close to the word ‘fear’ itself, as the greatest fear for mankind is the word ‘fear’. This word has stopped so many people from following their dreams; people are so scared to fail that they don’t pursue success. They would rather be comfortable living in fear. In filtering the mechanism, you have to learn to get rid of fear. You know when fear is ready to attack because your heart beats faster and your brain stops thinking of solutions. You have to desensitise the word fear, and the best way of doing this is by making an agreement with your mind to look at ‘fear’ as standing for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’. The more you use this filtering mechanism when you are faced by fear, the less afraid you will be of achieving your goals. Want to know other filtering mechanisms i use… Click on tommorrow’s blog to find out!

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