Errrr.. So, the driver got me up this morning at 5.00am.. Why??? Apparently, London underground tube staff have decided to go on strike today meaning all commuters are jumping back in their cars and as the driver explained, if i got here any later, we will be stuck in traffic for 5 hours as everyone hits the road….My comment on the tube strikes… is as simple as this, if you take action that will affect others negatively and benefit you.. It really isn’t the right action..Now, Is it??? Anyway, enough about politics.. Let’s get right into today’s blog.. Yesterday’s blog was about filtering mechanisms to re-programme your mind.. I wrote about ‘My definition of Fear’.. today i write two more… Here is my re-definition of ‘Hope’ and ‘Work’… Share, tell a friend to tell a friend and Enjoy!
1.H.O.P.E – Helping Other People Excel
Everyone knows what hope means, but why waste valuable time hoping for something to happen? I hope I make it to a Masters degree, I hope my parents are proud of me, I hope I can find a great girlfriend, boyfriend or partner, I hope there can be some peace in the Middle East, et cetera. You can keep hoping until the end of time. I have never heard of any great success achieved with only hope as the guideline. So I redefined the word ’hope’, which now stands for ‘Helping Other People Excel’. This is because if you adopt a lifestyle based on helping others to succeed in life, you will be succeeding too. In the next blogs i do i’ll write about the law of Karma. It’s even in the Bible as ‘Do unto others what you wish them to do unto you’. Now, you might ask me how helping a friend fill out 20 job application forms will help you get yourself a job. Well, when you help the action should be done selflessly because in life you don’t normally get back the help from the person you helped, but note that there will be an equivalent help somewhere in the universe that will repay you for the help you showed another person. At first this might seem really difficult to understand, but imagine someone came to you and asked for advice in solving a very difficult situation when they know you to be the master at solving this kind of situations It could be a difficult Maths problem or just someone who requires some career choice guidance. Now, you can choose to completely help them with no thoughts of your rewards, or you might think ‘What am I going to get for this help?’. Some people only help other people in order to store the help they offered in their memory bank. I have seen people who remind others of the help they gave them up to two years after the act was done. This is not real help; when you are helping other people excel you don’t store the memory of this action. In fact, I have helped so many people in my life journey but have chosen to forget the help as soon as I did the action. I expected no rewards. This kind of help is pure and clean and without motives or intentions. Practice this often and you will be one step closer to building your successful filtering mechanism. Always remember this, relationships you create are like a ‘bank’. The more you invest in it, the more it grows with interests but constant withdrawals will put you in the ‘red’. Invest in your relationships by constantly helping other people excel!
2. W.O.R.K.- With Obedience and Respect comes Kindness.
In twelve years of business I have seen staff come and go. There have been some great staff that I have loved every minute of working with and with whom I still remain in harmonious contact up till this day, and there are the ones who might have come in with the right intentions, but then jealousy, envy, and greed set in. You see them; they come in with humility and leave with egos. This is also due to the entertainment industry in which we work. It is seriously difficult to keep your feet on the ground if you haven’t grasped the principle of work. My ‘work’ stands for ‘With Obedience and Respect comes Kindness’. Remember this in all companies you currently work for and those you would work for in the future. They have their rules; those rules are probably the reason why you are lucky enough to have met the company and been presented with the opportunity to work in the company. Some people hate rules, and live their lives on a ‘rules are for breaking’ policy and wonder why they end up talking about being successful but actually never are. Coming into someone’s business, work place, et cetera is like entering someone’s house. Now, if I were to come to your house and your rules are for me to take my shoes off at the door, then who am i to say no? I will obey you gladly as this is your house and your rules have made it possible for you to run your house your way successfully. The ‘respect’ in work doesn’t actually stand for ‘respecting the boss’; it stands for respecting the opportunity. People always forget the opportunity they have been given. In 2008, millions of people were out of employment, and some of those who had secure jobs were made redundant. There is a temporary scarcity of employers looking to recruit, yet a small minority of people who have jobs, whether commission or paid, show any sense of gratitude. They choose to come late, call in sick when they know they are well, pretend to work whilst they spend all their time on Facebook or Twitter, or spend their whole time plotting how they can either get a rise or upset their bosses.

If you show a little respect for an opportunity, whether it is for a job, a school place, an audition, or something else, then you will have more opportunities come to you. When you know you have been blessed with opportunities you automatically resonate a kindness that comes natural to you.

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