I could have written today’s blog slightly earlier. But, i’ve only just got in from today’s London Marathon. Special shout out to everyone running today and raising money for some great charities. It was great fun and a great atmosphere and no that’s not me in this picture.. That’s my good old friend Darren, struggling to finish and as you can see i am way forward giving me enough time to capture the mood. Anyway, today’s blog is about ‘Finding what your purpose in Life is’…… Here it goes… Enjoy and keep sharing!!
In 2005, I received a call from my office from well-known BBC World Service Journalist Sally Hardcastle. She wanted to come over to our London offices to do a radio documentary on me, Invincible Group, and how we had achieved so much as a company in so short space of time. We agreed and the interview took place later on in the week. The interview was later broadcast on Boxing Day and I was fortunately with my mum, little sister, and whole family on holidays. As we listened, I could see my mum’s face light up and after the documentary she was jumping for joy as result of just hearing her son on international radio. She told me, ‘I remember you saying when you were five that you will either become a Lawyer, Doctor, or a successful businessman. I didn’t doubt you at all and you have achieved all in my eyes.’

It took me back; I remember I always wanted to be a Doctor, Lawyer, or a successful businessman. What happened to the dream of becoming a Lawyer? I did Law at University and graduated with a degree that has helped me and saved me from solicitor’s fees over ten years. What about the dream of becoming a Doctor and most importantly a Gynaecologist? I found out that this dream was actually not the right career path for me because I despised hospitals and hated medicines and it would have been like a chef wanting to cook but hating the kitchen. I am happy now because I am doing what I love and what comes natural to me.

Three weeks after the radio interview aired I returned from the Christmas and New Year holidays and was back at our office in London. I had set up our own radio station, Invincible Radio, back in 2003. As a result of the BBC World Service documentary, which also highlighted and documented on Invincible Radio, we had an influx of new worldwide listeners. In fact, we had over 120,000 new online listeners from countries as far as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, the Caribbean, and Africa, which really opened the doors to many business opportunities for Invincible Group. I hosted my own weekly show on the station, and one day whilst conducting an interview with a then lesser known pop star, Ciara, and discussing the purpose of life and achieving success, I received a call from a listener from Bremen, Germany. He said that he listened to my interview on BBC World Service and was very impressed with how much I had achieved at such a young age, but at age 45 he was very angry about how I kept on flaunting the message of hard work leads to success as he had been working hard for all his life and still hadn’t achieved success. He felt it is time I admitted that some people are lucky and some people are just not lucky.

I let him rant for a good three and a half minutes, and after he had finished I asked him a simple question. ‘What is it that you do?’

He replied, ‘I am a cabaret singer and I have been doing this professionally for over fifteen years.’

I asked him to give us a verse and a chorus. When he did the whole studio was in agreement that this man could not sing a single note. Singing did not come naturally to him. It might have been a hobby, but as a career path the reason why he had been unsuccessful for years was simply because he wasn’t doing what came naturally to him. Some of you have watched Britain’s Next Urban Superstar or X-Factor. You always see Simon Cowell be harsh to artists who might think they got what it takes. Although it’s true that some people come into these sorts of shows for a laugh, there are others who represent very credible talent. There are some who realise that music isn’t really their true natural path.

The boy band JLS have become one of the most successful groups in the UK music industry in less than one year. Most, including them, might think their success was due to X-Factor only. I for one disagree; X-Factor was a catalyst to what was already set by the boys. I remember the boys coming into my office in 2007 for a meeting. They were then called UFO (Unique, Famous and Original). I remember telling them that I have been in the music industry for years and I have seen several artists from Neyo to Mariah Carey and the list goes on. But I had never seen artists with so much conviction, faith, and determination to succeed like them, and, most importantly, they were talented musicians. I predicted that they will win the Best Unsigned Act competition ran by the Urban Music Awards and this will probably be the smallest break as they will go on to dominate globally sooner than they expected. They went on to do a tour throughout the UK club scene via Invincible Group and Luminar Leisure, won loads of new fans, and won the Best Unsigned Act award at the UMA’s. Most importantly, as I write this today, the number of hits they have had in the charts are countless. Now their success had northing to do with X-Factor or us. Their success was a result of the boys finding their true purpose in life and tuning their mind to a level of achievement that meant failure was not an option!
From the day you were born, you had a special talent unique to you. It is something you can do so well and something that comes so natural to you that when you do it you are in ecstasy and in a state of constant happiness. Now, it’s up to you and only you to find out what that special talent is.

When you are a child and have had little experience of life, your unique talents are obvious. However, when you start growing up into a young adult, you take in so many stories and information that are geared towards making you believe that life is hard and as a result some of your unique talents, dreams, and aspirations no longer seem as attainable as they were when you were innocent with little or no real life experience. How can you allow life to confuse you and rob your passion, talent, and ambition away from you? You owe it to yourself to keep drumming into your brain that ‘there is a reason why you are here’ and whether it is to become a Lawyer, Doctor, Chemist, Pilot, or something else. It will have something to do with serving humanity and creating happiness, wealth, and success as a result.

You need to ask yourself what God put you on earth to do. And when you get the answer, take action.

To find your purpose in life, you have to:
1. Understand that you are not a human being that has occasional spiritual experiences. It is in fact the other way around. We’re all spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences. When you really take this to heart, you understand what you are capable of achieving. Driving your car, taking a plane to fly to your favourite holiday destination or sitting in one country and speaking on the phone with a friend or loved one thousands of miles away are not normal human experiences. It feels human because you have gotten used to it. Once you understand that we are truly spiritual beings, you start to embrace your pure potential and understand that the you that you want to release is just waiting for you to release it.
2. When you start asking ‘How can I be of help?’ rather than ‘What is in it for me?’ You automatically switch from looking up to your ego (the fake version of you) to looking to the real you and thereby connecting to opportunities that lead to a discovery of your true purpose.
3. Write it down on paper. Some people will talk until their throats go dry but are so scared to commit to paper. The first action is writing down on paper a list of 50 things that you know makes you happy. It could be watching films, driving, playing doctors and nurses, et cetera. Okay, not that type of doctors and nurses. You might find it hard at first, but you need to do this if you are serious about being successful. It’s easier to write 50 things you hate than writing 50 things you love. You need to connect your likes to a career of its equivalent as there is an industry for every single one of your likes and, if there isn’t one, it is waiting for you to create it. A person who loves PCs and computers and has always been a computer whizz kid needs to seriously consider developing a career path within the IT industry if they find out that they enjoy themselves and go into a state of bliss every time they carry out this activity.
4. After you finish making your Top 50 list as described above, make another list of answers to the following questions. If you were a multi-millionaire with good wealth, health, and a happy family, what would you do? In other words, what work will you do if you had all the money in the world? Secondly, how would you serve your fellow human beings?

You find your purpose in life when your unique talent connects with the needs of your fellow human beings. When you can do this with enjoyment, you start to release the blessings needed for wealth. This is a huge discovery once you put it in practice!!

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