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Welcome back to an Inside Job . I must admit i have literally been in and out of the country for the past month of (June) and could hardly find a second to post ‘Blog 11′ , but here it is i am back in full effect! What have i been up to? Well, i flew to Los Angeles at the start of June to launch a brand new magazine, Los Angeles Monthly ( www.losangelesmonthlymag.com ) whilst in LA we filmed a brand new TV series ‘Only in LA’ which you can watch on Invincible TV from July the 27th.

I met some wonderful people that i am sure we would remain family for a very long time. After a week in LA, i was off to New York to meet the Invincible USA team as we launched New York Monthly at the wonderful 230ft roof top…It was amazing to say the least and (www.newyorkmonthlymag.com) was well recieved. I then joined Editor-in-Chief, Shairah Habib of Chicago Monthly and the full Invincible team to celebrate with one of the biggest parties we’ve ever thrown to date in New York. This was a multi-million pound investment to expand our media part of the business into the US market since we launched in the US in 2007 and it’s been an absolute SUCCESS!

Back on home turf, no rest for the wicked or this case kind… The National Reality TV Awards launched last week with massive success. Myself and former MP, Lembit Opik did the hosting at the wonderful Shaka Zulu in Camden. The TV Awards nomination has dominated every single newspaper, radio and tv station and everyone is looking forward to the UK awards show in August! You, think that’s all??? Well, i also turned 31 on the 1st of July 2012… and not only did my staff throw me a surprise birthday party but the real surprise guest was Sir Richard Branson. Words simply can’t describe the inspiration this individual is to what i do as an entrepreneur today.. Ok, enough about my personal/business life… Let’s Go right into today’s blog; It is called ATTRACTION

Now, have you ever received a phone call and then thought that you had just been thinking of calling the person who called you? I think we all have. That’s Attraction in its simplest form.

I have used this to attract so many things in my life. I remember my company was looking after an artist from Scotland who we secured a booking for her to play to an audience of over 30,000 music fans in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a great event, but it so happened that my mum was in Switzerland at the same time at a charity conference in Bassell. I booked a hotel in Bassell and left from Zurich to Bassell after the event. After seeing my mum and retiring to my rather luxurious hotel, I switched on the TV and settled on CNN. Now, CNN is one of the only news channels I actually enjoyed watching whilst growing up. I was watching the channel and suddenly wondered why in my many years in business I had been interviewed by every single medium except CNN. So I said to my self with so much conviction, I would be appearing on CNN. When I got back to my London office, our then Head of Marketing, Ainsley Duncombe, was excited to tell me some good news. Ainsley was a six-foot tall giant, so when he was excited he could literally bring the house down, and I mean literally. As soon as he had managed to regain composure, he told me he had just received a call from Jim Boulden from CNN who wanted to interview me to discuss the launch of Invincible Newspaper and the UMAs in New York. The next day we were at the Mayfair Hotel watching the crew for CNN set up, and Jim commenced with his interview. The broadcast later aired on CNN in September 2007 to over 148 million viewers worldwide and was repeated on CNN 7 times that week, gaining us over 750,000 paid subscribers from countries as far as Japan, USA, Germany, and France. My young mind in that hotel room in Zurich was completely tuned into my full potential. Whenever you believe with conviction you achieve with conviction, as you would start to draw what you need to you. Attraction could be your friend or your enemy. Most people make it their enemies and don’t even know. They think about whether they are going to be unsuccessful or that they don’t need poverty in their lives, and – guess what – they don’t succeed and become much poorer. Make a decision to only think about what you want, as this is exactly what you would attract in your life because what you think about you bring about.

I was doing a motivational seminar about Attraction and someone asked me a valid question. They asked what happens if they are working for a company with their best friend and were both going for promotion as a manager, there was only one job, and they were both using the Law of Attraction. Good question. I told him Attraction works at its best when you totally cancel everyone from your practice of this law and work on you. What I mean is the moment you acknowledge and bring in someone, you start attracting a competitive element. You’re holding the thought (the intention) for both people to want the same position. But you’re also thinking (intending) that only one can get it. So you’re intending competition. This whole situation is your creation. You believe in competition, so that’s what you manifest. Maybe you have some beliefs (thoughts and intentions) about who will get the promotion, in which case your expectations will manifest. You may have a higher order belief that life is random, unfair, uncertain, or the like, so in that case you may manifest a surprise because that’s what you’re intending.

Being the only intender in your reality places a huge responsibility on your shoulders. You can give up control of your reality by thinking (intending) randomness and uncertainty, but you can never give up responsibility. You’re the sole creator in this universe. If you think about war, poverty, and disease, that’s exactly what you’ll manifest. If you think about peace, love, and joy, you’ll manifest that too. Your reality is exactly what you think it is. Whenever you think about anything, you summon its manifestation.

As we carried on with the seminar, someone else asked me another very valid question about Attraction in relationships. He said, ‘If I intend for my relationship to improve, but my girlfriend doesn’t seem to care, what will happen?’

This is another example of intending conflict. You’re projecting one intention for yourself and one for your spouse, so the actual unified intention is that of conflict. I told him the answer was in his question; he wanted to make the relationship improve, but he has intended that his girlfriend would not care anymore. Attraction doesn’t analyze your thoughts or your intentions, it responds directly to your thoughts and words. If your thoughts are conflicted, your reality will be conflicted.

This is why assuming responsibility for your thoughts is so important. If you want to see peace in the world, then intend peace for everything in your reality. If you want to see abundance in the world, then intend it for everyone. If you want to enjoy loving relationships, then intend loving relationships for all. If you intend these only for your own self but not for others, then you’re intending conflict, division, and separation; consequently, that’s what you’ll experience. A few years ago, i was booked to judge a children’s business competition. My driver came to pick me up to be a judge at Ex- England footballer Tony Woodcock and Susan Kaye’s Tsu Biz young entrepreneur’s challenge at the Mayor’s office at City Hall. As we were driving to City Hall, the driver began to talk to me. He told me that he was going through a very bitter divorce with his wife. He and his wife had been married for over twenty years and he couldn’t believe it’s come to this. He is not allowed to see the children anymore, and he really sounded like a broken man. He continued to tell me how he had given her the family house and everything he owned, but his kids meant so much to him and he couldn’t believe access was being denied. I told him that my response would probably not be what he expected. I said everything that he has just explained was what he never wished for and what he wishes he could change, but sometimes we speak of problems and describe situations to get sympathy when what we really want is the solution to our problem, not the sympathy. This Driver was the religious type so he told me he had put this in prayer. I asked him to pray and ask God for the right things. I said he needed to pray and ask for peace for mind, forgiveness, and a change of mentality within himself and his former wife. He needs to pray for enlightenment so that both parties could see the bigger picture and recognise how important the children are and hopefully come to some agreement. I said he needed to focus on this prayer and intensely use Attraction through his faith in God to bring the thought into reality. He agreed and added that he had only been praying for himself in the past, which is selfish because if you want to attract something from someone else, you need to make sure you put the pain, anger, and bad emotions caused by the situation to one side and attract the best for both sides.

If you stop thinking about something entirely, does that mean it disappears? Yes, technically it does. But in practice it’s next to impossible to un-create what you’ve already manifested. You’ll continue creating the same problems just by noticing them. But when you assume 100% responsibility for everything you’re experiencing in your reality right now – absolutely everything – then you assume the power to alter your reality by rechanneling your thoughts.

Feel great about you. Feel good about that. Feel grateful for the richness of your world. Then begin creating the reality you truly want by making decisions and holding intentions. The head office of my company Invincible Group has been in Hackney in East London for over ten years since we moved from the more prestigious Charing Cross office in the West end in 2003. I personally don’t live in Hackney, but I work in Hackney and I sometimes find it really surprising that the way I see the area is so different to the way other people might see it. One day as I was having a discussion with another entrepreneur who runs a great Bar and Restaurant in the area, an American customer who was having lunch decided to join in with the conversation. She said she was considering a move to Hackney and wanted to find out what we thought of the area. The Bar and Restaurant owner said that Hackney is just not the area he will personally recommend for her because the people sometimes are very rude and the area gets too much bad press, which for him has been bad for business. I then turned to the lady and said that what he said was his personal view of Hackney and that’s why he has attracted bad business in his reality. Coming from Charing Cross to Hackney, I told her I viewed the area as vibrant and edgy with so many arts driven and creative people. The area is undergoing massive redevelopment within the commercial and residential sector and, with the Olympics round the corner, all businesses and residents here will benefit greatly as one of the official Olympic boroughs. I added that we were one of the only boroughs in London with one of the most recognised theatres, the Hackney empire, and with libraries, shops, banks, and good transport links to anywhere central coupled with an influx of young professionals in the area due to affordable mortgages and rents. She was on to a winner. Plus one of Britain’s most successful entrepreneurs, Alan Sugar, was born and bred from Hackney. I was also hasten to add that, in his quick rant about the area, The Bar and Restaurant owner happened to forget that she could be his regular customer and be a source of great regular business for him, and he is the reason why many good customers haven’t come to him.

Your guide to practicing Attraction;
a.) Think about what you desire, and withdraw your thoughts from what you don’t want. The most natural, easiest way to do this is to pay attention to your emotions. Thinking about your desires feels good, and thinking about what you don’t want makes you feel bad. When you notice yourself feeling bad, you’ve caught yourself thinking about something you don’t want, and that’s what you will attract.
b.) Turn your focus back towards what you do want, and your emotional state will improve rapidly. As you do this repeatedly, you’ll begin to see your physical reality shift too, first in subtle ways and then in bigger leaps.

Don’t forget that this blog you are reading is just a manifestation of your consciousness. It will play the role you expect it to play. If you expect it to be a helpful guide towards attaining complete success, it will be. If you expect it to be profound and insightful, it will be. If you expect it to be confused or deluded, it will be. But deep down you already know what you want from this blog, don’t you?

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