Happy Tuesday!! Hope everyone enjoyed the long bank holiday weekend. Obviously, we are back in full effect with An Inside Out Job blog… Last week i had the pleasure to interview the founder of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Richard Bandler, this guy has researched, written and defined a programme that can help many. I’ll post my interview soon! Back to this week’s blog, we are talking about ‘Seeing is Believing’…. Read, share and enjoy! Let’s GO!

I want you to do something for me. Imagine it’s Wednesday morning. You get up, brush your teeth, and have a bath. Please picture yourself walking into your bathroom in your house, picking up the soap, really having a bath, and then picking up your towel. Make sure you wipe yourself clean, as you don’t want to be wetting the floors back to your room. Get your cream, open the lid, put your fingers into the tub, and really take the sufficient quantity you need for your body. Then rub your body from your head and shoulders to your knees and toes until you are well oiled. Do your hair the way you do, until you are happy with it. Now get dressed and pick your clothes for the day. Please put them on carefully and then imagine yourself looking at the mirror. What can you see? Are you happy with the way you look? I hope you are. Now that you are finished, get your socks on your feet, put on your shoes, and remember to grab your keys and leave the house. Please don’t forget to lock your house door on your way out. How did that feel? Did you see yourself going through everything listed above? It’s pretty achievable right? Well, you have just visualized your morning. That’s the law of visualization; before you achieve, you need to be able to create a mental picture. Actually, scrap that as a picture is static and fixed. You need to create a mental video; imagine yourself being a film director and create a video in your mind about you already successful. Don’t just imagine millions in the bank or a mansion in the country. Those are pictures of material symbols of success. You need to create a video in your mind of how you ended up being successful, so fantasise about your success. It could be that you were in school, studied really hard and then passed your exams, got into high school and decided to go to university to become an Accountant. Pick a university in your ‘mind video’. What’s so good about that University? Imagine yourself making long-term friends, attending lessons, going through course works, and graduating. Can you see yourself graduating, your name being called to pick up certificate on stage? Brilliant. Now imagine your self filling in several job application forms, going into countless job interviews, getting some rejection letters, and then imagine a letter popping into the post. You open it and is the one you have been waiting for. You’ve got your first proper job! Imagine going into work and meeting your new boss. Now start creating good relationships with your colleagues. Imagine you are learning, and then maybe two years later you end up being promoted or opening your own Accountancy firm. How do you look? You must have grown a little bit older. What do you sound like? And, most importantly, who do you sound like? Now imagine a phone call being put through by your secretary and it’s an account you have been waiting for. It’s your biggest account worth over one million pounds. Imagine taking the call. What would your reaction be? Do you scream? Or are you professional and only scream when the phone is put down? What do you do when contracts are signed and the money is put into your account? Do you start spending it immediately or do you save and get on with the job in hand first? What would you do? You cannot think of the final outcome without filming your ‘success video’ in your mind and going through the emotions and journey that led to your success. No one just gets up in the morning with 1 million pounds in their back pocket, even if they won the lottery. There was a mental video to that; you imagined picking your lucky numbers, going into a shop, spending two pounds, getting your ticket, watching the National Lottery television show on BBC, and finding out the results. If you haven’t seen it as a moving video in your mind, it would be hard for it to become an actual reality. Imagine if you were upstairs and I asked you to bring my laptop downstairs for me. Your mind immediately creates an imaginary video of yourself taking the laptop, and you will see yourself walking down the stairs. You mentally calculate the journey even before you choose to do it, or if you are lazy you start contemplating whether it is worth the journey downstairs. This is easier to visualize, but what comes hard for people is usually visualizing a clear map towards attaining their success.

The Law of Visualisation is the process of focusing your concentration on a mental video or your spiritual film of what you want and seeing it as already happening. It is a spiritual activity once you get into the inner recesses of your mind and, with the power of the subconscious mind, causes the manifestation of the desired object, instance, or circumstance.

Visualisation resembles our common everyday habits of fantasies, daydreams, and imaginations, but the difference is that it adds a certain discipline into them. Please, please, please do not confuse this with imagination, though I can see the comparison. The difference is, imagination is an outward projection of the mind and has its foundation in desires and emotions. When you imagine something it is not necessarily backed by the power of the conscious will and hardcore intent. If you said to me ‘Imagine if I had 15 millions in the bank’ it is very different from ‘I can see myself in the future having 15 millions in the bank and this is how I achieved it’. Both are important statements, but the first is imagination whilst the second is visualisation. As I mentioned above, a simple picture in the mind is weak, vague, and somewhat in the distance or in the past. Visualisation, contrarily, is of the mind and the use of the will. Visualisation uses rules of faith, make believe, and motivational strength coupled with the laws of Nature and knowledge of the inherent unity and oneness of creation with that which has already been created.

What you visualise is what you actualise. The brain is a great gift to us from the creator and, when working with the mind, can take you places. I have seen people go for a little break in their privacy for thirty minutes and when they come back they tell you stories of being on a holiday at a very special sunny location. These people have mastered visualization to its perfection.

I remember in 2004 we had a young artist who was not that well-known popped into my office. He later on got interviewed live on Invincible Radio. As we began the interview, I asked him what was the most memorable thing that had happened in his life.

He said two years ago he had a very dangerous accident in Los Angeles. His car accident left him with a fractured jaw, and his jaw was supposedly wired shut for six weeks. He told me that he saw his life flash right in front of his eyes when that happened. He explained how he recalled looking in the mirror and saw his jaw was cracked in three places. After surgery to reset his fractured jaw, his jaw remained puffy on the right side because it was not set properly. So, quick to change subject, I asked him how did he feel when he was released from hospital. He replied that he is now more dedicated than ever. He recorded a song called ‘Through the Wire’ and is now doing really well in the US. I proceeded to ask him a question I ask all artists I interview to see whether they had mastered the power of visualization. I asked him where he saw himself in five years time to which he replied, ‘World domination. I know I would be successful. I have seen myself already winning Grammys, doing sell-out tours, and making millions. I will succeed in this industry, and I have already seen myself in the future’.

This artist was Kanye West, and his debut album College Dropout released the same year and went on to sell millions worldwide. Since then he has released his second album Late Registration in 2005, his third album Graduation in 2007, and his fourth album 808s & Heartbreak in 2008. He has gone on to become one of the richest, successful, and most talked about artists within the HipHop industry. Love him or hate him, you can’t hate the fact that at age 32 he has made his name. I most countries you go to, you will find someone who knows Kanye West. Now he would have achieved the same success even if his visualization were of becoming a Doctor, Accountant, Singer, Pilot, or more. Everything that goes into the body through the nervous system, including sight, sounds, emotions, feelings, et cetera, is recorded in the brain, even when you are in your mother’s womb. This is why certain songs sang to a baby whilst they are in their mum’s womb could be the same song used to calm them down as a young baby when they start crying endlessly.

Our mind is even more powerful and communicates not only with the brain but also with other minds. Our consciousness is one with the Universal consciousness.

Each of us, through our subtle energy bodies, is interconnected so that whatever we think, do, or feel in some remote way affects the consciousness of others and thereby also the Universe as a whole. The more calm and relaxed we are, the easier it is to practice visualisation leading to more positive results. The truth is God’s power is omnipresent and omnipotent. What I am actually trying to get you to see is that every event that is happening right now in your life is connected. Ask yourself one question, how did you find out about this book you are reading right now? Really go back; it could be because you have known a friend for several years who introduced you to another friend during a party, and she recommended this book to you because she heard it from someone else that it was really good. Whatever your story is, there is definitely a story that connects and fits quite perfectly to the present.

If you can break away from the consciousness of this bundle bag of flesh and bones, you will be able to feel yourself as part of a bigger power. The conscious mind is then able to focus that power as you would focus the rays of the sun through a magnifying glass, and the more of the rays you gather in, the quicker the object of your focus will burn.

Visualize by completing the following tasks:

a.) Go on to YouTube and pick about ten video clips of what you associate with success. For example, if you have always wanted to become a Doctor, pick clips of Doctors being interviewed and working in a hospital. Get clips of the lifestyle you will like to lead, a holiday in Barbados, a house in Spain, a clip of MTV Cribs, someone getting married, a couple playing happy families, or whatever else you desire. Pick what you associate with your dreams of success with and watch these videos continuously.
b.) Then use the videos to start creating your own video in your mind. Furthermore, put yourself in the car being driven by your driver, in hospital helping give birth to a newborn baby, and in your country house with you family. Really build your film in your head until it becomes committed to memory.
c.) Once you are happy with your film, play the film in your head when you get up and before you go to sleep. If you are religious, call on the visuals before and after you go into prayer or meditation.
My simple equation for the Law of Visualization is:
Think it, see it, film it, repeat it, feel it, believe it, and work backwards to make it happen.