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When you say how bad your day is, you will just reinforce the negative feeling you have. Be careful with what you say; watch your words. Talk about your day in a positive way event it is not so good. For example, instead of saying, ‘This is a bad day; I made a lot of mistakes.’ you can say, “Well, today I learnt a lot of useful lessons.’

Whilst I do not judge people, it’s inevitable that in life you will be distracted from your goals by even people who really love you because of their own FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) or because of their lack of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Have you ever told someone something you felt you could achieve and they gave you that look, that smile, or, worse, the laughter as if you were leaving in dreamland? Your filtering mechanism makes you replace the can’t do with the can do. When you start saying ‘yes I can’ rather than ‘I don’t know’ or the commonly used ‘dunno mate’, you start opening your brain and subconscious mind to thinking differently; successful people are not people who think like the majority. That’s why only 10% of the population of the world are millionaires. What do you think makes the 10% different from the rest of the 90%? I have had so many debates with several people about this, and the doubters come out with obviously crazy theories such as they were born with a spoon in their mouth, inheritance, and they won the lottery. If you are lucky enough to inherit wealth and you do not learn the principles of success then your chance of failing is still 100%, the same as someone who was born in extreme poverty. People who suffer from extreme poverty and re-programme theor minds to be successful end up being really successful as there is a genuine, clean hunger to better themselves and better everyone else coming up the ladder. The ones who get to the top and forget the principles of success come back tumbling down.

How do you make sure you keep a Positive Mental Attitude:

1.) The practice of Silence – Don’t motor mouth just because you like the sound of your own voice. Silence will make your ears strong and will filter every single noise around you making you hear, feel, and sense things like you have never before. Your silence will help in choosing what you should be receptive to and what you should immediately dismiss.
2.) Refrain from Arguments- Arguments are the biggest distractions. Have you ever had argument that hasn’t lasted way after the argument was finished? Arguments should be filtered out of the mechanism. Take the approach of listening to your opponent vent out with all his or her passion and energy. This will give you time to think carefully about what the root cause of the argument is. Sometimes, and I have been guilty of this myself, we feel the urge to really go into a head to head battle of ‘whose voice sounds louder competition’. It never works; we loose voice, become tired, and are left wondering what the argument about was in the first place. One of the stories I remember from English Literature was that of Romeo and Juliet, but I still can’t remember what the two families, Montague and Capulet, were actually fighting about. Some disagreements last a generation; make a decision to terminate your disagreements now.

3.) Remember to Remember- I know this sounds a bit cryptic, but it really isn’t. You sometimes remember everything except the most important thing worth remembering, which is that ’you are the greatest version of you in this planet, and this knowledge alone makes you love the cranky, weird, good, and bad things about you’. If you do not remember everyday to fall in love with yourself, then you would have a difficult time convincing anyone else to do the same.
4.) Prevent Yourself from Passing Judgement- When you prevent yourself from judging, you create an internal freedom. It’s sometimes hard not to judge others. We love judging how others look, how they speak, their accents, what car they drive, and the list goes on. Try to remind yourself each day when you ‘catch yourself’ judging others. Practice the filtering mechanism of saying to yourself, ‘for the next 30 minutes, I will not judge anyone’. If you do this, little by little you will find that you will gradually get rid of this attitude of judging others.
5.) Start to Identify the Characters within your Everyday Life-
Negative Characters:
• Mr. or Ms. Grumpy – They are never happy and always complain about every single thing. The food is bad, the teacher is horrible, and everybody hates me, and they feel like everyone owes them a favour. Stay away from this kind of people like a plague. Grumpiness is a contagious disease and if five people in your close group told you ‘they felt crap’ after a single question of ‘How are you feeling?’, then you will be the next on the list to feel crap.

• Mr. or Ms. Procrastinator – These are easily identifiable as they are always postponing what they want to do. Their favourite words are ‘Not today, I’ll do it tomorrow’. These people can distract you from focusing on the prize so they need to be avoided at all cost.

• Mr. or Ms. Stress Transfer – I think this is the most dangerous of all the characters. We all have that one person who will ring you up when something bad has happened to them, and they would describe every single thing that happened in so much detail that you instantly find yourself re-living the incident. For Mr or Ms. Transfer, they see you as their personal psychologist. As we have mentioned above don’t let yourself open to OPP (Other People’s Problems).

When you get rid of your negative characters you find yourself automatically attracting positive characters. You have to cultivate your relationships with these positive characters. One of the positive characters you should look out for is:

• Mr. or Ms. Motivator – Not to be confused for the fitness instructor who used to appear on GMTV, Mr. or Ms. Motivator is anyone who is self-driven with a fresh and continuous hunger to succeed. To have this characteristic, you can’t only posses it one minute and then loose it the next. As you will learn in this book, your hunger to succeed is like your hunger for food. Once you are motivated to succeed, your hunger increases until your eating something satisfies it. Upon satisfying hunger, your motivation for food is reduced. Those who succeed are satisfied but learn to make sure their motivation to achieve more is never reduced.

Your beliefs shape the life that you call ‘yours’ and those beliefs are expressed through both mental and physical actions. The mental action always exists first; the physical action follows, having been initiated by the mental act. Filtering Mechanisms are your dynamic methods for altering the mental actions that eventually create your physical experiences

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