Consumer Outreach Programming:

Want to know how we connect with consumers?

The best way to connect with consumers is by our Consumer Outreach programme.

Instead of asking consumers contrived questions to reveal their preferences or their intent to purchase, as marketers, we need to discover what truly matters to people. To break through the slush pile of our crowded marketplace, our marketing must be perceived as genuinely valuable and useful to the consumers you’re hoping to win over. Beyond product features and use benefits, if you want to engage consumers today, your marketing (not just your product) must improve (in tangible ways) the condition of people’s lives.

What do other marketing agencies do?

Other agencies, are keen on spending their clients budget on focus groups.
Focus groups are artificial settings. People live real lives with real issues. Gathering a group of people into an artificial environment and probing them with over simplified questions only creates artificial results. Plus people usually don’t know what they don’t know. It’s very difficult to get useful insight from people who are not in their natural environment. And there are always those participants whose energy can dominate or influence the perspectives and opinions of others in the group. The results in this artificial setting are almost always biased.
A focus group is not quality time with consumers.
The reason focus groups are so commonly used is because they are easy and cheap to execute. However spending an hour with groups of 6-8 people in a room can hardly be called quality time. Chances are the thoughts going through participant’s heads during the session go something like this:
I don’t like the guy next to me… I really don’t care about this product, but they’re paying me £100 …I don’t feel comfortable sharing my real opinion in a group…this is boring!

Get out in the real world and be with people.

Instead of sitting behind the glass, get out into the real world. Be everywhere your tribe is gathering online and off, be where they do their laundry, shop, eat, play, relax. Spend quality time with them in real-life settings. Learn how your target customer not only uses your products, but how they live in their real lives. Much of what we humans think about is unconscious, and our emotions are intertwined with our reasoning.

How we achieve our results?

It comes down to understanding basic human nature, and what higher level emotional needs are currently unmet within the context of your target consumer’s overall life.
Put your efforts toward spending quality time with real people in one-on-one natural settings. Through these interactions, you’ll gain far richer consumer insights that will directly lead to more relevant, compelling, meaningful and valuable brand building strategies.

Digital Social Media Influencing:
Monitor , Analyse and Engage
Social media is increasingly becoming the deciding factor for consumers to analyse and engage into your brand.
What we do?
We have a great Blueberry Nation software which allows us to monitor and measure millions of blogs, tweets, forums and news sites. Analyse the general perception on social media around your brands and products. Create ad identify response to your marketing campaigns, and use these insights to make informed decisions on developing more targeted marketing.

Invincible Talent Management:
Invincible Management is renowned for its ability to create some of the world’s leading cultural and entertainment events.
Our team creates events that are specifically designed to promote our customer’s brand and deepen a client’s relationships with its stakeholders, customers and employees through world class entertainment and hospitality experiences.Events may be in the form of a unique concert, a full festival or a global touring strategy.

The Invincible Management event team provides A-Z event management services and manages each project from conception to completion and review.

Some of our events include;
*British Young Business Awards
*National Reality Television Awards
*Urban Music Awards
*National Luxury Lifestyle Awards
*British Music Week
*Download Music Awards
*London Weekender
*Teen Empowerment Conference
*Digital Music Conference
*VooVix Music Festival

Our Artist Management division has a history of looking after some of the worlds biggest entertainers and celebrities.

Print, TV, Radio Advertising:

Invincible has a media planning and buying agency that guides clients to better advertising campaign results. We partner with internal marketing teams or other external agencies, and focus solely on planning and implementing advertising such as TV, radio, print, digital, social and mobile for improved performance. Behind the scenes, our Invincible Group measures campaign results for constant media optimization.

Television Production Filming:

Invincible TV is full fledged production company with a team of award winning producers, directors, writers and researchers. We work across six countries producing documentaries, music videos, television commercials and reality tv shows.People often ask how weve managed to develop so many memorable shows and adverts without losing our signature quality or losing our minds in key territories such as Africa, Caribbean and the UK . The answer is simple: we hire great people.

In fact, what sets us apart from our competitors is our distinctive company culture, our knack for finding and telling unique stories, our highly organized infra-structure and our seriously cutting edge technology.
All of these strengths have resulted in beloved music videos, TV adverts, celebrity TV specials produced with cost efficiency. But dont let the less than million dollar per episode price tags fool you…

Did you know that Britains Next Urban Superstar was the most successful programme on Flava TV in 2008 and our TV advert for British Airways and British Music Week went on to be broadcast in over 23 countries earning British Airways a 20% increase in profit Or that UKs most successful pop group, JLS were discovered by Invincible TV in 2007 ? Or most importantly that we do repeat business with just about every client weve ever worked with?

Invincible TV has always been well known for TV commercials, Flash Mob/New media marketing brand virals and as we roll through our 14th year of operation, there is no limit to what Invincible TV can do, because we have the right leaders, the right resources and the not-so-commonly used common sense to know talent when we see it. So, pull up a seat at the Invincible TV table and order up your favorite flavor. We bet youll be back for more.

Invincible TV speciality:
*Music Videos
*TV Commercial
*Celebrity Interviews
*Creative new media brand virals (***)

Clients include:

CNN / British Airways / Footlocker / Kickers / Flava TV / Sky 1 / BBC 1 / Channel 4 / ITV / Leona Lewis / JLS / De La Soul / WoWee One /Turner Broadcasting / ITV 2/ and many more.

So, why not do something different and speak to us to see what we can do for you! Call : 0044 (0) 203-302-7160 or E-mail: hello@invinciblegroup.com